100% local, 100% coastal, 100% dedicated. 
Our team is ready to look after you!

Stephen - Manager / Cook

Stephen is a fantastic cook. With over 20 years experience on Kenya's coast, he will be your point of contact with all our local vendors. Stephen knows all our local fishermen and will pick out the best of the day's catch for you. We recommend giving advance warning if you are looking to enjoy a range of crustacea, as he may find it easier to source this in advance of your arrival, rather than the day before. His repertoire includes such delicacies as banana leaf barbequed whole fish with freshly made sauces and salsa, stuffed calamari Moro style, prawn curry, best fish and chips, fresh crab salad, garlic lobster.

Katana - Housekeeper

Katana looks after the house. He will make your beds and clean your room each day, do your dhobi, wait on you at meals and can be relied upon to make you laugh.

Idi - Gardener

Idi works to ensure the garden looks glorious but not a complete jungle. This means daily pruning of our beautiful tropical plants, as well as trees and borders. You'll find Idi's garden heavenly.


Rajab is in charge of the swimming pool and takes great pride in ensuring that it is clean and leaf-free as much as possible throughout the day. He'll report for duty quite early in the morning to clean the pool before you surface... but will be around most of the day.

Mbega Julo

Mbega Julo has been our nightwatchman for over 25 years. His experience in looking after the house and our guests is extensive. He will come on duty around 6:30pm, greet you, tidy up around the pool and outside. When you retire to bed, Mbega will help lock the house up, and will stay on duty until 6:30am.