Experience two beautiful family homes in Kenya - one on Msambweni Beach and the other in the Great Rift Valley overlooking Lake Naivasha.




Both Samawati House and Ol Larashi cottage have been designed to emulate home comforts whilst simultaneously taking you away from any hassles of day to day life. Each has a small library, kitchen stocked with basics and the kind of linen we would use in our own house.


Photo Credit: ms.akr

Our team of Kenyan staff are at both locations to take care of you. At Msambweni we have Stephen, Katana, Idi, Juma and Mbega. At Ol Larashi we have Hannah and Vincent. All are experienced in looking after guests and have been working for us for a number of years.

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If it's a safari you're looking for, experienced hand Tony Church, now in his seventies, was the pioneer for horseback safaris in East Africa. Today he leads a more relaxed life, but is available to take short safaris in the Great Rift Valley to destinations like Nakuru and Elementaita.

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